Retreat 2022

Retreat 2022 Timmendorfer Strand

After the successfull presentation of the progress thus far in the beginning of the year, a meeting to discuss the future of the CRC was planned.

Seeing the achievements during the first term of the collective, a decicsion was made to continue and tweak the projects and their concepts. In person, collaborations and new approaches to the existing as well as the newly planned works were talked about and the groups of the different cities were brought closer. 

As a safe in-person retreat was made possible by the Maritim Hotel TImmendorfer Strand, a special focus was put on the PhDs. After two years of almost exclusively presenting online, a poster presentation as well as a voluntary talk were offered. The IRTG offered workshops in preparation for the evening. During this time, the representatives of the IRTG also took their time to take in the wishes of the students concerning improvement and their wishes of possible offers or support given by the graduate school. 

In the time off, a diverse range of activities were offered to bridge the borders of the project groups and encourage new friendships. The PhD students prepared an escape game, a volleyball tournament and a pubquiz. Besides, during meal times the seeting was mixed. Many collaborations were established over lunch or coffee.


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