Mast cells are immune cells that essentially contribute to various inflammatory processes. Ca2+ entry and cytosolic Ca2+ rise is essential for inflammatory mediator release from mast cells. Adenine nucleotides (AN) such as adenosine, ATP or NAADP regulate mast cell Ca2+ homeostasis and function via endolysosomal two-pore channels (TPCs) and plasmalemmal channels. We will apply (endolysosomal) patch-clamp electrophysiology, imaging techniques, cell biological assays and mouse models to investigate the role of Orai and TPC channels and novel interaction partners of these for mast cell-mediated inflammation.

Prof. Dr. Marc Freichel

Selected publications (*equal contribution)


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Prof. Dr. Christian Grimm

Selected publications


1. Tsvilovskyy V, Solís-López A, Schumacher D, Medert R, Roers A, Kriebs U, Freichel M: Deletion of Orai2 augments endogenous CRAC currents and degranulation in mast cells leading to enhanced anaphylaxis. Cell Calcium 71, 24-33, 2018

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