A major goal of the proposed CRC “Adenine Nucleotides in Immunity and Inflammation” is to foster the careers of excellent young clinical and basic scientists. Scientifically, we do not only aim to inspire our students and young researchers for adenine nucleotide (AN) biology and pathophysiology, but we wish to sustainably educate them in the scientific areas of cell-cell communication and cellular signaling with a special emphasis on inflammation. An important means to achieve this goal will be the establishment of an experimental MD thesis program to attract and train talented and highly motivated medical students in basic research. We therefore apply for an Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) entitled “Modulating inflammation and immunity via regulatory adenine nucleotides” that will provide stipends and funding for eight medical students in each year and additional funds to foster the careers of the PhD students who will be employed within the various projects. The medical students will each devote one year to exclusively work on an experimental MD thesis and will be educated together with the PhD students. This joint program will ensure a multi-facetted and broad training. Besides general courses, e.g. presentation of scientific results, one aspect of our IRTG will be seminars given by PIs from the CRC including both advanced methods for studying AN biology and novel scientific findings. These seminars will be attended by both the MD and PhD students and will also be open to postdocs and students from other research groups. An aspect of added value will be an internal counseling and mentoring program in which PhD students act as mentors to introduce and guide MD students during their work for the CRC (P4M program). A third aspect is the broad expertise, in terms of disciplines, present in our CRC. Thus, MD students and PhD graduate students will have the possibility to dive into AN biology from completely different angles, e.g. from the cell biologist's, the chemist's, or the clinician's point of view.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Mittrücker

Institute of Immunology

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

Prof. Dr. Eva Tolosa

 Institute of Immunology

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)


University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf 
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology 
Martinistrasse 52
20246 Hamburg

Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Björn-Philipp Diercks
Fon: +49  (0) 40 7410 54338
E-Mail: b.diercks©


Laura Mitsching
Fon: +49  (0) 40 7410 50301
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